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Under the Bankruptcy Reform Act, each person filing for bankruptcy must file a pre-bankruptcy consumer credit counseling certificate and a financial management course certificate. Unfortunately, this new regulation has created an opportunity for individuals to defraud people seeking debt relief. If you are given a hard-sell to complete a financial management course through a particular agency, contact a Missouri bankruptcy attorney at (417) 4NO-DEBT immediately. We will take the time to explain what your obligation really is, how the timing is important, and how we can help you obtain financial relief.

The Timing of Consumer Credit Counseling Is Crucial! Do Not Enroll in a Seminar without Consulting a Bankruptcy Lawyer at (417) 4NO-DEBT

You should not feel pressured to enroll in consumer credit counseling before you have talked to an attorney. Unscrupulous companies prey on your insecurities in an effort to make money without regard to what is best for you, your credit score, or your bankruptcy filing options. They may charge large fees to obtain your credit report, some even promise debt relief, and in the end you get very little of value.

A pre-bankruptcy consumer credit counseling certificate is only good for six months from its issuance. We encourage you to contact our bankruptcy attorneys before you obtain your consumer credit counseling certificate. When you discuss your matter with us, we may find that it is in your best interest to file for bankruptcy at another time. Because your certificate could be expired at that later time, the money you spent to obtain it would be wasted.

If you have a question about consumer credit counseling in Missouri, call (417) 4NO-DEBT to contact a bankruptcy attorney for an initial consultation.

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