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Post-Discharge Permanent Stay Enforcement

Springfield Discharged Debt Lawyer

Missouri Permanent Stay Violation & Enforcement Attorney

After your bankruptcy and debt are discharged through Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the judge will enter a permanent stay. The permanent stay prohibits creditors from enforcing judgments that were obtained before the filing of the bankruptcy case. The permanent stay prohibits creditors from bothering you about the discharged debt.

Unfortunately, many creditors ignore the permanent stay. At the Bankruptcy Clinic, we will help you after your bankruptcy if creditors are violating the permanent stay. Contact the law firm or call 417-4NO-DEBT to discuss the enforcement of a permanent stay.

Non-Discharged versus Discharged Debt

It is important to know that not all types of debt are discharged through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Most student loan debt, for example, is non-dischargeable. Therefore, creditors can still seek payment on student loan debt after bankruptcy and the creditors are not in violation of the permanent stay. Other non-dischargeable debt includes:

  • Most student loan debt
  • Sales tax
  • Property tax
  • Employment tax

Most other debt, such as credit card debt, is dischargeable during bankruptcy and creditors may not collect on the discharged debt. When you contact our law firm, we will help you analyze whether the creditor has violated the permanent stay. If necessary, we will file suit against the creditor to stop them from harassing you post discharge of your bankruptcy.

Adversary Action to Enforce the Permanent Stay

If you need an attorney after your bankruptcy is complete, you will need to re-hire a lawyer to advocate on your behalf. Your original bankruptcy attorney will not take care of this matter as part of the bankruptcy because the action is after your bankruptcy case has closed. We can help you file an adversary action to reopen your bankruptcy and file suit against the creditor who is violating the permanent stay order.

Contact Us to Enforce the Permanent Stay

Call us at 417-4NO-DEBT to schedule an appointment with a skilled post-discharge permanent stay enforcement lawyer at the Bankruptcy Clinic. The hours we work for you are contingent on the success of your case. If you don’t win or resolve the matter in your favor, you don’t pay.