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At the Bankruptcy Clinic in Springfield, Missouri, we help people find relief from their debts. Whether you owe state or federal taxes, have unpaid credit card balances, past due medical bills or are facing foreclosure, we can work with you to find ways to minimize, and in some cases, eliminate your debt. As a family run firm, we believe in holding out a lifeline to families drowning in debt.

If you need relief from your debt, call 417-877-4949 to talk to an attorney at the Bankruptcy Clinic. The Bankruptcy Clinic is a full-service bankruptcy firm. We can handle every aspect of your bankruptcy, including any trial appearances.

Bankruptcy is not easy. Sometimes it is unavoidable. Filing for bankruptcy is not a quick fix—it is a fair and legal means to allow people to find relief when they are unable to pay their bills. It can happen to anyone, and all it could take is a lost job or a large medical bill that is not paid by insurance. Chapter 7 , Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you a clean start to your financial life.

Debt Relief and Bankruptcy Law Firm

As part of our debt relief and bankruptcy practice, we can answer any questions about any aspect of bankruptcy, such as:

  • Adversary Actions: Adversary actions, or adversary proceedings, are lawsuits filed within bankruptcy proceedings. For example, when a creditor objects to the discharge of a debt, they may file an adversary action against the debtor to prevent the discharge of the debt.
  • Post-Discharge — Permanent Stay Enforcement: If your debts were discharged in bankruptcy, the court will enter a permanent-stay to prohibit creditors from contacting you to collect discharged debt. We enforce this permanent stay if the creditors are harassing you after your bankruptcy.
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: We provide comprehensive guidance to homeowners in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. We will discuss your specific situation and inform you of your options. Options include mortgage loan modifications and bankruptcy.
  • Consumer Credit Counseling: We can answer your questions about consumer credit counseling and address aspects of credit counseling that are commonly misunderstood. We encourage people to always talk to our attorney before enrolling in any consumer credit counseling seminar.
  • Exemptions: Through the use of exemptions, the federal Bankruptcy Code provides some protection for specific types of property. The Bankruptcy Code establishes property exemption amounts, but it also includes provisions that may allow a debtor to use exemptions and exemption amounts provided by state law. Sometimes state exemptions can be more favorable. We can answer your questions about what you can keep.
  • Bankruptcy Reform Act: “Reforms” to the bankruptcy laws in the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 have made the process more complicated and expensive. We have incorporated those costs into our upfront price so that there will not be any hidden costs at the end of your case.

The Bankruptcy Clinic can help people find a way out of debt. Contact us to make an appointment for an initial consultation.